Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Pennsylvania's Family Trip

We celebrated Rebeccah's birthday: Elaine, Kaylah, Rebeccah and I enjoyed having a nice time in Pennsylvania visiting Hershey's Chocolate Factory and Sesame Place.

The first part of the trip took 7 hours and half, a lot of stops for Kaylah's comfort, and so forth. We finally arrived at Hershey's Factory, where we spent 3 hours.

From Hershey we drove to Philadelphia. On the highway, we were amazed by Pennsylvania's corn farms and cattle along the highway, mixed with different neighboorhoods and buildings.

Two hours later, we made it to our hotel, waiting for the next day of fun at Sesame Place.


When we arrived at Sesame Place, Kaylah was very excited with everything around here, while Rebeccah could not wait the time of having lunch with Elmo, Zoe, Big Bird and the whole Sesame Street Gang.